Thu Jul 08 2010 - L'ADIGE
The acrobatics of Mozart and Hendrix, interview with the Quintetto Bislacco

A pioneering project aimed to debunk the myth of the seriousness of classical music.This is the Quintetto Bislacco, a band that has chosen a name that is really a whole program, as will be seen in concert tomorrow in Val di Fassa.
The musicians that make up this unique complex strings (two violins, viola, cello, bass) will be too extravagant, but they know how to handle their instruments. Usually they do it in the ranks of orchestras emblazoned. And to avoid the risk of the procedure came up with a directory of "geezer" that ranges from Bach to Jimi Hendrix, from Gershwin to Hengel Gualdi, from Rossini to Morricone, from Mozart to Strauss (that of the Viennese waltz).
To enter the size of this training we heard Gustavo Fioravanti, violist of the Quintetto Bislacco

Fabio De Santi

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