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Classical music to laugh with the gag of the Quintetto Bislacco

Classical music can be very funny. The 500 school children will find out tomorrow at the "Spring Concert" which this year is offered by the Stresa Festival. The appointment is at 11 a.m. in the hall of the Palazzo dei Congressi with the Quintetto Bislacco, born from the desire to show that five musicians with classical music you can have fun without sacrificing quality."Let's play with music - Gustavo Fioravanti explains, violist of the group - especially at this difficult time for classical music in Italy. We propose a listening "light", without losing sight of its artistic quality. Sometimes twisting compositions that are considered strongholds of music."
The repertoire ranges from various musical genres: "boundless in jazz, popular music, the tango, in film music." In tomorrow's concert, for example, will be offered from Mozart to the Beatles songs, with gags and skits: "The program is constantly evolving. We are always adding new tracks, including observing how the public reacts. For this reason, every concert is an unknown factor: the lineup may change at any time."
The Quintet, as well as Gustavo Fioravanti, Walter Zagato belong to the violin, Duilio Galfetti violin, banjo and mandolin, the cello Marco Radaelli, Enrico Fagone on bass, musicians in orchestras such as the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and the Teatro RegioTorino. The Quintetto Bislacco was born almost by chance: "In 2005, the Italian Swiss Radio Orchestra organized chamber concerts and asked Zagato had a program a bit 'lighter, came out of the box. He called me and we started working on the project. Since 2006 it has become a stable group. " The Quintetto Bislacco will return later to perform for the Summer Festival of Stresa Festival, this time for everyone, August 25 to 9 p.m. at the Castle Visconteo in Vogogna.

Maria Elisa Gualandris

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