Sun Jun 14 2009 - CD CLASSICO
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A proposal divertene and unique. This suggests, not without fanfare, the Stradivarius label, which relies in the hands of a Quintetto Bislacco wonderful program, which shakes the very boundaries of music consumption, as we had become accustomed to call the music that "sells", and classical music, also known as cultured or tradition. Five extraordinary musicians, offer 50 minutes of great music and remind us that we can also laugh making music together.Sense this right from the cover featuring a caricature drawn of five instrumentalists and entitled, "Jokes", chosen for this news.
Loved or lesser-known one another without any break. The program is well thought out so that we can find a complete sense among the unforgettable music composed by Nicola Piovani Life is Beautiful and amazing transcript from The Marriage of Figaro Overture by Mozart that is immediately after, set as a sort of cameobetween the classical and the aforesaid Piovani Morricone Western Suite, which comes next.
Excerpts from famous movies, timeless pieces such as The Man I Love Gershwin, or West Side Story by Bernstein, are worthy of equal dignity and arrangements of a young and musically close-knit group, all of which can perhaps be said, except astruly "Bislacco".

Gabriele Formenti

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