Wed Jun 10 2009 - IL CITTADINO

Not just jokes, gags corrosive, but more precisely jokes: jokes or musically and literally construed, where even the untouchable sacredness is not safe from a killer laugh.And the geezer is just to honor the etymon also superb quintet of excellence that likes to roam through the vineyards of the noble famous literature. Breaks yet holds a new beauty miss this gem out of the forge of the Stradivarius: wide of the mark, with professional precision and a first class of quiet soul ever so often inspired from loans to the most unexpected solutions. Proof of this is the futuristic opening, Cafè chantant, headed by a Strauss polka schnell son they have confirmed the tender West Side Story, trembling in the innocence of his skin without whisper, or the sensuality of unsatisfied La muerte del angel of Piazzolla. The listener waiting for the Quintetto Bislacco plays the pass is the electric vitality Mozart Overture to The Marriage of Figaro, or the enveloping gloom of reach of Gershwin The man I love: the mix wood and strings inspiration, dynamite, wind and sky. Listening as a distinctive feature that retains the lightness, the flickering of a class youth disguised under a mocking smile and irresistible.

Elide Bergamaschi

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