Tue Jul 14 2009 - AMADEUS
The irreverence of the Bislacco

How often have you discussed how the world of classical is in some way been embalmed in rituals and formalities that sometimes seem excessive, where the news can only with difficulty to establish themselves or to be accepted.
The Quintetto Bislacco, formed by Walter Zagato and Duilio Galfetti (violin), Gustavo Fioravanti (viola), Marco Radaelli (cello) and Enrico Fagone (bass), five members of prestigious orchestras, a small step that he wanted to do public Jokes, a record in which the barriers they want to be distorted, and where what is interpreted is classic, making it "lighter" and vice versa. For a suite from "The Marriage of Figaro" by Mozart found new vitality through inserts "burlesque" or the Beatles' Michelle is reinterpreted in the form of Bach.
Somehow, the ensemble does not spare any style of music in his irreverent program: it goes from new age to classical, from rock to tango to music from the movie, looking at some way to "fight the rampant drowsiness that reigns supreme in concert halls the entire planet. " On the other hand, the goal, while honorable, was not focused at all, sometimes making the arrangement chosen too measured, for fear of going further.

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