Quintetto Bislacco

Quintetto Bislacco’s own ground is the music without boundaries, a never ending journey across worlds, cultures, styles, costumes, and traditions, tainted with disrespectful musical (and non-musical) gags, that keep the audience constantly attentive and curious, with their ears to the music and to the pleasure of listening. A new way of listening to music played with “classical” instruments, historical masterpieces are intertwined without barriers, emphasizing that the great attraction of music is exactly that is has no limits.

Since 2005, Quintetto Bislacco started an unstoppable climb that, with the current formation (Walter Zagato, violin; Duilio Galfetti, violin, mandolin, banjo; Gustavo Fioravanti, viola; Marco Radaelli, cello; Enrico Fagone, doublebass), resulted in the participation to the most important International Music Festivals. Winners of several National and International competitions (Luigi Nono, Orpheus Prijs Antwerpen, Vittorio Veneto…), the five musicians come from different orchestras (Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro alla Scala Milano, Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Filarmonica della Scala), but they have one common goal: stay with their orchestra as little as possible and take Quintetto Bislacco wherever there is an uninterested and bored public to bring it back to love the whole Music.

To the established collaboration with Radio Svizzera Italiana (since 2007), Quintetto Bislacco has added the exploit at the Rai Radio3 radio program InFestival 2009, which was received with extraordinary success by public, critics, and listening audience. During the same year, in June, the record label Stradivarius released their Opera Prima “Jokes”: those who do not know the “bislacchi” is attracted by the novelty, and those who do know them give the CD as a present to friends and relatives. Promoting “Jokes” took Quntetto Bisalcco to Rome, Bologna, and Milano, and soon they started receiving invitations to participate to the most important International Festivals in Italy: from “Settimane Musicali di Grado”, “Serate Concertistiche della Svizzera Italiana”, “Tra ville e giardini”, “Musica in Villa”, “Musicastelle”, to “I suoni delle Dolomiti” and the “Festival di Stresa 2010” where Bislacco has been officially recognized “the best event” from public and critics.

Year 2010 has also seen the quintet as the main character during two episodes of the RTSI television show “Paganini”, where the most important solo and chamber music artists worldwide are invited; in this occasion 12 video clips in full HD were created with the most significant pieces of Quintetto Bislacco’s repertoire. Moreover, the Swiss television (RTSI) has invited the musicians to participate in several projects that will be made public in 2011. In the next years, Quintetto Bislacco will be performing in Spain, USA, China, and Taiwan.

web-site: www.quintettobislacco.com